Perfect Skin Moisturizer – Normal to oily skin

This lightweight lotion absorbs quickly into your skin while it soothes and cares for your skin oily.

100 % free of perfumes, dyes, and irritating ingredients.

Perfect Skin Moisturizer – normal to oily skin, is the perfect night lotion for those with normal to oily skin, regardless of your age, your skin condition, or whether you are male or female.

The product is so mild that it also acts as your eye cream.

In addition, antioxidants, soothing, healing, and renewing ingredients cause your skin to behave more normally. Moisturizing ingredients prevent moisture loss and keep your skin healthy.

Perfect Skin Moisturizer is the product for those who want to combine several products in one, without compromising the results. Perfect Skin Moisturizer blends anti-aging, eye cream, daily care, and treatment of problem skin in one product.

The perfect all-in-one night lotion for those with normal to oily skin.

Perfect for pimples and acne!

Perfect Skin Moisturizer is also the perfect night lotion for those who have pimples, acne, whiteheads, or blackheads. First of all, it poses a minimum risk of clogging your skin’s pores and contains no ingredients that will provoke new breakouts. Perfect Skin Moisturizer contains a variety of powerful ingredients for pimples and acne, effectively alleviating redness and scars.